Our top management and staff members, are working with a team of independent trainers and consultants in different areas of specialization. This huge bank of professional knowledge, expertise, and skills is dedicated to helping your business to grow.

Dr. Abdulwahed M. Najar

CEO & Strategic Management Consultant

Dr. Sherzad Ali

Consultant & Training Supervisor

Eng. Rashad Aziz Salih

Consultant of Engineering & project management

Dr. Jamal Anwer Yaba

Financial Accounting & Auditing

Dr. Rizgar Maghded Ahmed

Business Research & Data Analyst

Abdulbaset Hamadi

Trainer & Consultant

Ismail H. Ali Khormaly

Production Line & Talent Management

Sazan Ahmed Ali

HR & Management Consultant

dr. seween ali

human development trainer

Mr. Bukhari Abdulla

Business English Trainer

Dr. Azad Ali

consultant & trainer

Dr. Shaban barwary

consultant & trainer

Dr. Mustafa Osamah Al-saedi

Financial & Auditing Expert

muhammed abdulwahab

accounting specialist

lalo raouf

automation engineer

Hiwa Qader Muhammed

digital marketing expert

Mr. Ahmad Sam

Branding Expert

mariam abdulwahed

marketing specialist

ahmed mohammed mahmoud

contracts and legal consultant

nyan ibrabim

software engineer


  • Business Management & Strategy Team
  • Organization Development Consulting Team
  • Sales & Marketing Development Team
  • Accounting & Auditing Team
  • Human Resource Development Team
  • Engineering & Construction Team
  • Industry & Production Line Team