Sazan Ahmed Ali

HR & Management Consultant

Sazan Ahmed Ali, born in 1985, has 13-year work experience in the areas of education, management, business administration, and consultancy.

She has earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from AUIS, a Bachelor’s Degree in English
Language and Literature from Sulaymaniyah University, and an HRM Diploma from
Meselect Business Edge.

Her career commenced at Komar University of Science and Technology where she
consecutively held the positions of Assistant of Administration and HR, Coordinator
and Acting Director of HR/Administration/Maintenance, and then was promoted to full
Director until the end of 2018. At the beginning of 2019 she became Consultant of
Administrative Affairs at Komar University. She is currently the Consultant of
Administrative and Academic Affairs at Komar University.

She participated in various soft-skill training programs both locally and internationally,
co-authored two papers on management and administration, and headed several
committees on academic and non-academic events and activities. She is also the
founder of the Leader private school and kindergarten and held the position of advisor at
SAA Company and City Center Shopping Mall, reviewing, analyzing, and reorganizing
administration structures, job contracts, salary scales and pay grades. She is also a
member of the founders of critical thinking foundation and positioned as a project